Searching across 'all records'

This search will only search place/object records in VHD - it does not currently search across both shipwreck and place based records concurrently. Place/object records include those on the Victorian Heritage Register, the Heritage Inventory and records owned by other organisations such as local councils and the National Trust of Australia (Victoria).

Combining search results for place/objects records and shipwreck records - shortlisting

You can create a short-list of search results that include both place/object records and shipwreck records. For example, you could search for all places/objects on the VHR in Port Albert. Once the search has been executed, you can create a new shortlist called 'Port Albert VHR places, objects and shipwrecks' and add each of your relevant search results to the shortlist. Then go to the Advanced Shipwreck Search and search for Port Albert in the 'location lost' field. Add each of your relevant search results to the 'Port Albert VHR places, objects and shipwrecks' shortlist. This list can then be downloaded.


Using your Enter key to execute a search.

You can use the Enter key on your keyboard to execute a search, but only if your cursor is located in a search field. If your last action was to select an option from a dropdown menu, you'll need to click back into a search field for the search to execute using the Enter key.

Searching for a place/object record 'owned' by a listing organisation

The records in VHD are owned by a number of different organisations. This includes the Heritage Council of Victoria, local councils, the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and the Victorian War Heritage Inventory. This may mean that a single place or object has multiple records, as each record owner maintains their own record for a particular place/object. For example, a place may be on the Victorian Heritage Register, as well as having a non-statutory National Trust listing.

To search for a place or object record 'owned' by a particular organisation, select the record owner from the dropdown list. You can search for more than one record owner by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard, and then selecting the listing owners to you wish search on.

Dates of Construction

Dates of construction may have been attributed to the start and end date of a building's construction, or phases of its development. This may mean that a single building has multiple dates of construction.

Search using a record ID Number

If searching for a record using an ID number, the following conventions must be used:

Victorian Heritage Register (VHR) records - all VHR records have a four digit number that begins with H, eg. H0001. You must include the H as part of your search.

Heritage Inventory (HI) records - HI records begin with H or D (de-listed). You must include the H or D as part of your search, e.g.H7524-0103 or D7822-0224.

Heritage Overlay (HO) records - these are records for places included in Heritage Overlays of planning schemes administered by local councils. The prefix HO must be used when searching using a HO number, e.g. HO9.

Search using Heritage Act Categories

Heritage Act Categories are assigned to places and objects when they are included the Victorian Heritage Register.

Note that places/objects categorised as archaeological places or archaeological relics are  places/objects on the Victorian Heritage Register - not the Heritage Inventory.

Using the Browse function on the Homepage

You can browse for records from the Homepage using pre-defined categories such as style, theme, group etc. Please note that the results returned using the browse categories may not be exhaustive, as they rely upon these categories having been assigned to individual records.

'Theme' is the most likely to return limited results, as the application of historic themes and sub-themes will usually only apply to places/objects on the Victorian Heritage Register and this practice only commenced after 2009. Similarly 'Group' data (categories and sub-categories) has not been consistently applied to all records in the VHD.

Searching using a keyword

Once you've opened a record details page for a place, object or shipwreck record, you can search for a keyword in the record's content by holding down the CTRL and F keys at the same time. A small input box should display - usually at the top or bottom of your screen (this may vary between browsers). You can then enter the keyword in the input box, and all instances of that word will be highlighted in the record contents. This is particularly useful when reviewing records returned through a keyword search, to understand how the record has met the keyword search parameter.

Do you need any more search tips? Email if you require further tips.