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Search tips

Try different search terms

There are many words to describe any item. Imagine which words a seller might use to describe the item you're looking for. Try several different options and combinations - but use just two or three words at a time to be sure you get a variety of results.

Searching using the Enter key

You can use the enter key on your keyboard to execute a search, but only if your cursor is located in a search field. If your last action was to select an option from a dropdown menu, you'll need to click back into a search field for the search to execute using the enter key.


Searching for a place/object located within a municipality

To search for a place or object that is located within the geographic boundary of a municipality, select the municipality from the dropdown list.

You can search for more than one municipality by holding down the control key on your keyboard, and then selecting the municipalities to you wish search on

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